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We have been asked to pass along some information regarding the turf and how to keep the field looking new. 

1.       Absolutely no spectators on the artificial turf field. Only players, officials, coaches and athletic staff are permitted on the artificial turf field.

2.       User groups must inform NU of any instance of bodily fluids on the field.

3.       Chalk, paint, tap or any other types of marking adhesives on any surface are strictly prohibited.

4.       Substances that may stain the artificial turf field, such as ointments or sunscreen must be kept at player benches or outside the fenced area. Petroleum jelly-based products are not permitted on the artificial turf field.

5.       Artificial turf field is not to be used for golf, shot-put, javelin, discus and/or hammer throwing. Model airplanes, drones, rockets, pyrotechnics, open flame and fireworks are prohibited.

6.       Smoking and the oral use of tobacco is prohibited on or near the turf field, and is only permitted in designated smoking areas of the university.

7.       Water is the only beverage permitted on the field. Food is not allowed. Sports drinks, juice, pop, alcoholic beverages, glass containers, frozen treats, food, gum, sun flower seeds, etc. are NOT allowed on the field (they are only permissible in the bleacher area and must be cleaned up).

8.       Vehicles and bicycles are not permitted on the artificial turf field. Parking is restricted to designated areas only.

9.       Nothing is to be inserted into the turf i.e. poles, markers, posts, flags, tent fasteners, table legs, etc.

10.    Dogs, cats or any other pets are not allowed on the field (except to assist persons with disability).

11.    The NU turf field is under video surveillance. Video surveillance will be used to monitor the participating group’s using the facility. Any damage, inappropriate actions, not following the rules and regulations or misuse of the artificial turf field will result in suspension of future use of the facility.

12.    Only moulded rubber cleats and/or flat soled running shoes are permitted on the artificial turf field. High heels are NOT permitted on the turf field.

13.    Consideration must be given to community residence. Public disturbance and excessive noise, including ringing of bells, gongs, blowing of horns, sirens, whistles, vulgar language and honking of car horns is prohibited. Any group wanting to use a sound system must be familiar with City Bylaws. Groups will be held accountable to comply with the Bylaws and are responsible to pay for any violations.

14.    The press box and sound system is not permitted to be used unless agreed upon in the facility use contract.

15.    Goal nets and other equipment is not be dragged on to the field. Must be picked up and moved.

16.    The artificial turf field is open rain or shine. Artificial turf fields will only close in an instance of thunder and lightning.

a.       In the event that thunder and lightning occurs prior to the start time, play will not be allowed to proceed on the turf.

b.       In the event that thunder and lightning occurs after the permitted game has started, game officials will follow established protocol from the individual sport governing body. If the use of the field is for practice only or pick-up games (non-official games) then play will stop immediately and players must leave the field.

c.        In the event that the permit time was not used due to storm conditions, the Athletics Coordinator or Athletics Director must be informed within 48 hours. Contracts and/or billing will be adjusted accordingly.

17.    NU shall not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the organization or groups goods or possession.

18.    All exits must be kept free of obstruction.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office


Please park in Lot 5 (free parking). Please do NOT park on College Drive.  

Diagram of Parking Lots

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